intro-character-a central feature of CURO is that it’s built around your business, not the other way round.

It supports the way you work, rather than forcing you to work the way the system wants you to.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of CURO from day one, but only when we have configured it to exactly match your needs will you appreciate its true capability.

With CURO taking care of business, you’ll be free to devote all your effort to make your clients happy.

Countless ways CURO can be made to fit your needs…

Forget business, let’s talk relationships.

Building your success is totally dependent on your client relationships. But how to keep that relationship alive? According to the song, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.

And that’s just as true in client relationships, it’s all about the dedication and commitment you demonstrate, the service you provide and the efficiency with which you deliver it.

You can set up the best protocols you like, inevitably, with staff changes and so on, your processes will degrade and mutate. The result is that your service suffers, promises are broken and expectations go unmet.

With CURO you can automate client-facing processes and make them predictable, measurable, and repeatable, so that your people never have to worry about doing the right thing because the system guides them.

Working with your clients the way you want. Not the way the system wants you to.

The entire landscape of your business, from single view point.

Especially if you’re a larger enterprise, you will have a multiplicity of systems, most of which will be disconnected from each other. As a result, getting that single, all-embracing client view can be elusive.

CURO, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics can overcome this by delivering a modern web-service-based platform technology that aggregates all knowledge into one place.

For the first time, it will be possible for you and your team to see what is happening across the entire enterprise, delivering unprecedented levels of control, allowing you to deliver better client service to your clients, keep a handle on business risk and ahead of your compliance obligations.

Some of the largest financial institutions use Microsoft Dynamics and all would attest to the value this powerful solution brings.

CURO gives you wider perspective. Bringing everything into reach without the normal costs associated with CRM projects.

Great marketing that’s not all over the place.

In contrast to the brash neon signs in our photo, the kind of marketing that works best for a financial advisor is one that is sober, current, and most importantly, highly focused.

And considering how much they know about their clients it is surprising how few adviser businesses have a serious marketing capability that utilises this valuable resource. CURO gives you access to marketing tools that have the capacity to transform how you relate to your clients.

And that’s because, in addition to CURO’s already considerable strengths in the area, we have plugged in the big daddy of communication platforms, Click Dimensions, which will take your comms to another level.

From email campaigns, nurture programmes, event management and SMS alerts, to surveys and integration with your website. Click Dimensions gives a spectacular performance, adding awesome power and professionalism to your marketing efforts.

Analytical ability that’ll certainly make you look smarter.

Unfettered access to large quantities of data is great, until you try to turn it into something useful.

Making sense of ever-growing amounts of data is a new and unexplored frontier for many firms. Certainly not simply a case of ‘Do the Math’.

To help you deal intelligently with lots of data, and make it a valuable business tool we have integrated CURO with ZAP Business Intelligence.

ZAP is a world class business information tool that will give you the detail you need to steer your business in the right direction, dynamically generated and made usable with powerful dashboard displays.

Want scalable? How big do you want to go?

While CURO can bring enormous benefits for boutique firms, more than anything it’s been designed for growing firms. It can provide a global solution for even the biggest enterprises by effortlessly doing jobs like these:

  • Complete view of your business, identifying trends and spotting gaps in your business.
  • Meaningful KPIs instantly accessible, provide an early warning system, flag areas for review.
  • Track how you are doing against specific goals & targets, managing the money, and managing clients profitably.
  • Understanding your critical performance metrics, track performance against milestones.
  • Managing staff, identify training needs, HR management, recruitment, skills.