Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

CURO built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. With over 5 million users worldwide and an R&D spend of $2 billion annually, financial planning businesses can now take advantage of enterprise-grade technology at an affordable price.

CURO is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office letting you achieve maximum business efficiency. All emails, letters, appointments and tasks are automatically tracked against your clients’ records. You will achieve a 360° view of everything that is relevant to the delivery of your service propositions and obligations.

The Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM platform defines the concept of scalability. It can effortlessly handle from just a few users to many thousands concurrently and deal with millions of data items and records. 

Regardless of whether you are a small boutique financial planning firm, or one of the largest financial distribution businesses around, CURO will work for you. 

Thanks to Microsoft’s ongoing investment, CURO is future-proof. CURO is the last business management system you will ever need to buy.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365