Flexible Cloud based deployment options

CURO has been designed and architected to be deployed as SaaS and we are pleased to offer two options for hosting your CURO solution:

The CURO tenant and all supporting component applications are hosted by a set of servers within Microsoft Azure dedicated to Time4Advice. No physical infrastructure is required by users of CURO other than to access CURO through an internet connected web browser and Outlook (if desired).

Private hosted
This enables us to host CURO and its component applications in a dedicated environment, ring fenced for the user firm, but contained as a group within the overall Time4Advice Azure cloud account. This enables us to permit a greater degree of direct access and control over servers and data for user firms should it be required. This removes the need for firms to commission their own hosted server environment. Furthermore, the scripted server deployment capability of Azure enables a rapid commissioning and deployment process, whether the environment is required on a temporary or permanent basis.

The Time4Advice consumer facing Client Portal will also be hosted on Microsoft Azure and will utilise Azure serverless functionality for optimal scale and performance. The CURO Portal will connect to CURO via the internet facing CURO Connect API.