Implementation & Training

Having successfully completed numerous CURO implementation projects for clients of all sizes Time4Advaice has developed a wealth of experience which we have codified into our own highly scalable and flexible implementation methodology. Timescales will be primarily driven by the scale and nature of your requirements, i.e. the clearer they are, and the more comfortable you are with adopting the standard CURO processes and procedures the swifter the implementation will be. However, what you will always find is that we have a very firm approach around governance; no matter how simple, or complex, an implementation might be, will always ensure that the right mechanisms are in place to avoid the horror story of a failed implementation.

And, as you would expect, we are vastly experienced in migrating data into CURO. Having successfully completed this kind of work for many different clients, using many different systems, we have got things down to a fine art. We fully appreciate the difficulties and problems that arise but, it’s now very rare that we come across a situation that we haven’t successfully resolved in the past.

Finally, Time4Advice fully recognises that users need to be trained fully and effectively. As such, extensive Super User and Standard Staff User training is delivered through a combination of online tutor-led events and self-learning activities. And, of course, training is not a one-off exercise; it needs to be topped-up from time to time to enable users to continually expand their knowledge of the system and hence increase their productivity. That’s why Time4Advice has invested heavily in the creation of a Learning Management System (LMS). Designed on a modular basis the LMS enables every user to be provided with a dedicated learning path including interactive activities and supporting videos.