Time4Advice has partnered with the Wealth Applications Solutions Partnership (WASP) to offer a comprehensive Wealth Management solution including CURO (Client On-boarding & Management), IMiX (Portfolio Management) and DCI (On-going data cleansing and management).

In addition CURO offers an extensive range of third party integrations including:

  • FE Analytics
  • FE price Data
  • Oxford Risk (Risk Profiling and Capacity for Loss)
  • Smartsearch (AML)
  • Transaction data import

CURO also offers an open suite of API’s and has extensive experience of all kinds of systems integrations.

Time4Advice is, and will remain, agnostic as regards the way in which it handles third-party integrations; What it will do for one it will do for all. There are no hidden agendas!

Our Partners page provides a selection of tools, systems and providers that CURO integrates with.