Maximise operational efficiency

One of the main challenges facing any business is to increase the efficiency with which their staff can work. By increasing the processing capacity of the business, the time taken to get business on risk is reduced, which means it becomes possible to increase adviser productivity. An essential component of transforming the profitability of the business. To do this, people need to be spending less time on the routine tasks and more time on the high value and more satisfying jobs. However, the routine tasks are important and must be done but that is what technology is designed to do. Let CURO do the heavy lifting by automating the tasks that steal time.

CURO leverages the Microsoft Workflow Foundation to deliver complete automation control over your processes. If you can define a process then it can be automated and when combined with the powerful document generation capabilities native to CURO, it becomes possible to transform your business effectiveness, reduce business risk and boost profitability.

At Time4Advice, we have the maxim “Do once, use many time” – this is the essence of process automation. Invest in the creation of a process that automates the routine once and free your people to spend more time on the things that matter forever.