Reduce business risk

Attempting to drive a car in white out conditions would be deemed an unnecessary risk to life and limb and so as a result, most people would avoid doing so. Yet too many businesses run blind simply because their data is spread across multiple systems and there is no easy way to bring it all together to provide a single view of what is going on. As a result, decisions are made based on a lack of information, that could have a fundamental impact on the business, its customers and its staff.

Given the various and ongoing regulatory and commercial initiatives (RDR, MIFID II, GDPR), getting it wrong represents an existential threat that cannot be ignored.

The only way to address these issues is to aggregate your data into a modern client management platform that can then alert you to actions that must be taken and by when as well as shining a light on the road ahead. 

CURO has benefited from over 25-man years of development focusing entirely on the creation of an integrated client management solution, optimised around the business needs of a modern professional financial advice business. At last, every business function is catered for and it can be further evolved to meet your business priorities, leveraging automation tools, document generation solutions and extensive APIs to share data with other best of breed software.