intro-character-a system as detailed and capable as CURO needs to be implemented well. It’s designed to work the way you work and not the other way around and that’s one of its best qualities.

It needs serious commitment from both sides before all of the benefits can be realised, but once you get it right, CURO can change your business forever.

That’s why we will provide you with a dedicated account manager to help you make the transition, by taking you through the five important steps required to implement CURO:


The five key steps for setting up CURO…

Getting to know you and your business

We need to examine how your firm works before we can recommend what you need. Because no two firms are the same, we don’t mandate processes or reports we’ve designed.

Data management

Your existing data needs to be reviewed and made meaningful to meet your business requirements. Our team of data experts can help transfer, augment and clean your data before migrating it all to CURO.

People training

The better you understand your software, the more you reap the benefits. Our training sessions can be face-to-face, online and in the form of videos to best suit your learning preferences.

System configuration

Making CURO personal requires system configuration. Your routine, but vital, processes automated for ultimate efficiency and reliability, ensuring your clients receive the service promised to them. Your own reports and management information available at the touch of a button. Dashboards that are meaningful to you and your people.

Development consultancy

Business development is continuous and ongoing. Change is the only constant and so you need a system that can evolve as your business does. You can ensure your clients never tire of the service you deliver and love the personal touches you provide. CURO will grow with you and be there to help you deliver on your promises.