Every adviser would agree that consistency of service is vital for a great client experience. So we made sure that working with CURO doesn’t mean severing relationships with software you’re familiar with.

Popular apps integrate seamlessly with CURO because it works even better when it teams up with others on specialist tasks. Meet some of the partners we collaborate with...

Extending CURO

CURO is so much more than just a back office system and because it is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there is a global network of clever software development companies creating solutions that extend Dynamics capabilities.

We are always on the lookout for ways to enhance CURO so that you have control over the important things like reporting and client communications and although CURO does all of these things as standard, our selected partners do so much more to bring control back into your hands. Find out about our partners below. Please note that all of our partner solutions will be charged for in addition to CURO licenses. Contact us for more details.

Financial software partners

Our strategy is to work with best of breed software providers and build meaningful integrations with them so that you no longer have to enter data more than once into any system. In this way, you can focus your efforts finding solutions for your clients rather than waste time on data entry tasks.

Over time you will see more specialist software providers join our network of integration partners. Below you can see some of the familiar partners we integrate with today.

Please note that all of our partner solutions will be charged for in addition to CURO licenses. Contact us for more details.

Service providers

Sometimes we all need help to get things done and often we need the input of experts. We have worked with a number of firms for many years and we are happy to recommend the businesses below.

So whether you need help with your marketing plan, software systems, client data or business development, we know someone who can help.

Product providers

CURO delivers high levels of business efficiency by automating time consuming yet essential tasks of policy valuation and remunerations management. By working closely with you, your favourite product providers and platform service providers, Time4Advice is continually adding more message types to cater for the broadest needs of its clients.

We deliver electronic services from the Product Providers and Platform Service Providers shown below. Download our e-services matrix to see the services supported.