Although CURO has been developed for financial advice businesses, at its heart is the extensible Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform, where x can be what you want it to be. As a development framework, Dynamics xRM delivers all of the power of CRM as well as allowing for the creation of custom entities so that an entirely tailor made solution is within reach for your business.

Starting from scratch needs a considerable amount of thought and preparation and often many hundreds of man days could be consumed in the creation of a meaningful specification document, which is why having CURO as a starting point for your development could save you time and a considerable amount of money.

“Microsoft Dynamics is a global, fast growing business with over 5m seats of Dynamics CRM deployed. The largest global customer in Financial Services (by seats deployed) is Barclays. On the back of that we have seen penetration in Lloyds Bank, RBS and Metro Bank. We have a growing install base in Insurance and Capital Markets and aggressive growth targets across the whole of Financial Services. Dynamics CRM is a platform, thus it is equally applicable to Banks, Insurance companies and oil companies, but it is not inherently optimised for their use. For that we look to partners to configure, deploy and extend the functionality.”

Dynamics CRM lends itself to large integration work from system integrators such as Accenture or CIBER. However, the IFA market will simply not work with a System Integrator approach. That is why we chose to work with Time4Advice. They have built templates and forms, extending the platform to optimise it for an IFA business. They have an excellent understanding of the needs of the IFA community and are making the solution relevant, affordable and accessible. Microsoft is working closely with T4A to help drive sales of the T4A platform and therefore Dynamics CRM into the IFA market.

Bruce McKee, Financial Services Industry Lead, Microsoft UK