Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?
How does the support contract work?
Is there a discount for yearly service?
Are there additional data storage charges?
How safe is my data?
Can I have a copy of my data?
What happens to my data when I leave?
What is your approach to business continuity?
How do I cancel service or reduce my licenses?
How do I get additional licenses?
How do I sign up?
Is there a minimum number of licenses I can have?
Is there are maximum number of users the system can accommodate?
Can I use CURO with a Mac?
What browsers can I use CURO with?
Can I only track my client communications via Outlook?
Can I use CURO on a tablet?
Are there reference materials to assist with my use of CURO?
What happens if I want to request a change?
Do you have Live Chat facilities?

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