Implementing CURO

Implementing CURO is the beginning of your journey. It is vital to get it right at the start of our relationship, which is why we have some of the best people in the industry ready to support you for the duration. You’ll enjoy the benefits of CURO from day one, but only when we have configured it to exactly match your needs will you appreciate its true capability. With CURO taking care of business, you’ll be free to devote all your effort to make your clients happy.

We have developed a robust six-step methodology to implementing CURO. It starts with a detailed appraisal of your business, its challenges and goals. Once these are understood, a comprehensive plan is developed to take you from where you are today to where you have a real chance of realising your potential, leveraging the power of CURO to maximum effect. Our people are focussed on the objectives and are accountable throughout the project. The agile approach to project management ensures that you are always in the loop and understand the milestones achieved to date and left to complete.


Six Stage Plan Graphic

Boosting profit



Engage is the beginning of the process and its where we assess the suitability of CURO for your business and its requirements. The meeting starts with us gaining an understanding of your objectives so that we can quickly determine whether there is a good fit between what you are trying to achieve and the capabilities of CURO.


Once both parties feel the meeting should continue, we provide an overview of CURO explaining how architecturally it works and what is possible with the software. The final part of the demonstration showcases some of CURO’s capabilities around business process automation and document generation specific to your particular needs.


Once the meeting concludes, we seek your commitment to the next stage in the process - the “deep dive”.


Improving Shareholder Value

Deep Dive



The deep dive session is all about looking at your business in detail and involves the key stakeholders and sponsors of the project. Time4Advice fields its senior business consultants for this session, which is a chargeable service.


The deep dive takes at least one day and explores each aspect of your business and the challenges it faces. Detailed CURO demonstrations show how it can address the challenges. By involving key staff as well as management, we hope to facilitate an open and honest appraisal of the challenges the business faces across each department so that once understood, each can be prioritised and a solid plan developed to address the most urgent requirements first. By adopting this approach, CURO can have an immediate impact on the business, demonstrate a strong return on investment and give confidence to the business owners to proceed with future projects that address the next priorities in line.


Following the deep dive, our team will be in touch to further qualify the requirements identified.


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The playback session is about verifying mutual expectations and expected outcomes. It looks in detail at how Time4Advice will respond to the challenges identified during the deep dive session. All objectives are listed and an explanation as to how they will be addressed is  shared with the group. 

Playback identifies whether the requirements can be managed via basic training on CURO or whether CURO will need to be personalised or customised to precisely fit the way the business works. The Time4Advice implementation approach is explained and commercial terms and effort required are considered. 

Once the business understands the scope of the project and is happy to proceed the plan is created.


Voyant cashflow



The plan is about helping both parties achieve a shared understanding of the project, the commitments required and the timeframe within which the project must be run, so that expectations can be managed from outset.

The plan details the resources needed and confirms availability so that the teams are aligned and are ready to start work. Utilising the Agile approach to project management, regular scrums ensure that everyone is aware of what needs to be done, by whom and by when, so that if anything unexpected occurs, there are no surprises and the project can continue apace. As well as resource planning, a technical scope is produced that details the works and identifies whether customisation or personalisation (or both) of CURO is required. Once the scope of works is finalised, commercials are agreed and signed off.