Real CRM for Financial Planning Businesses

With the advent of MIFID II, GDPR and RDR, legacy back office systems are struggling to remain fit for purpose in a modern financial planning practice.

The rapidly changing regulatory landscape, evolving customer service expectations and increased competition means that your technology needs to be much more than a new business reporting tool. It needs to be part of your business’s fabric, helping you remain compliant and profitable without increasing your workload and costs.

CURO Automation

Optimise operational efficiency

Reduce costs, boost profits and liberate your people to spend more time on the things that matter. Automate your business with CURO’s powerful and easy to use tools.

CURO Automation

Actionable business intelligence

Get a three-sixty view of your most important information on demand, updated and available from any device, using powerful tools designed to analyse data and share actionable insights.

CURO Automation

Simple and quick adoption with HeadStart

Our unique adoption service, HeadStart, provides “out of the box” processes and documents that guide you along your journey of business transformation.

Improving customer outcomes

Improving customer outcomes

Today’s service industry is about delivering results and meeting the expectations of your customers with a seamless and convenient service.

Too many businesses compromise on the time spent doing the things their clients value, due to an ever increasing compliance and administrative burden. CURO helps to automate the routine processes, reducing the load on your employees and releasing time for them to spend on the important things.

With CURO you can:

  • Automate business and compliance administration 
  • Increase time and information for customer service and goal delivery
  • Improve customer relationships


Improving customer outcomes

Increase business profits

If you want to develop a scalable and profitable business for the future, not only do you need to provide the services your customers value but you need to do so efficiently and affordably.

Systematic and automated business management processes can increase turnover and reduce unnecessary costs, allowing businesses to scale and generate value for future succession planning.

With CURO you can:

  • Reduce time and money lost on inefficient processes
  • Increase profits and improved customer retention
  • Generate future value for succession planning


Improving customer outcomes

Reduce business risk

Running a business is about managing risk cost effectively. It’s a constant balancing act to avoid falling foul of the regulator, failing to deliver on your customers’ expectations, giving inconsistent advice or failing to identify worrying business trends due to a lack of meaningful business information. Addressing these risks without modernising your business processes can be difficult and expensive. The only way of addressing risk is to proactively design it out of your business. This means working in a systemised and measurable way, backed up with meaningful metrics that allow you to steer your business along a path that avoids the pitfalls and damaging obstacles.

With CURO you can:

  • Modernise business processes with intuitive technology
  • Quickly implement systems and metrics to aid compliance
  • Increase long-term business value


Improving customer outcomes

Enhance shareholder value

The consequence of addressing the three key issues highlighted above is a significant improvement in shareholder value. Your business will be:

  • More efficient
  • Profitable
  • Exposed to less risk
  • Enjoy positive and happy relationships with its clients.

By demonstrating control over your business, succession planning becomes significantly less daunting and the value opportunity, more robust.

With CURO you can.


Implementing CURO has saved us two years staffing costs in the first year...
Leanne Berycz
Office Manager
The support we receive from Time4Advice is fantastic
Ed Holder
Chartered Financial Planner
CURO is central to the way we do business, freeing staff to deliver on our promises
Toby Ellington
Head of Systems & Processes
The T4A management and support teams show great commitment to customer satisfaction
Philippa Kohler
Associate Director
I chose CURO because it fully integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook
David Bashforth
Chartered Financial Planner
CURO has enabled us to obtain a complete view of our clients for the first time
Rob Delaine
Technology Director

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    Excellent support

    Our drive for best-in-class training and support is to enable our clients make the transition from initial implementation to day-to-day use feel absolutely seamless.