CURO offers an extensive range of third-party integrations as well as an open suite of API’s. This means that CURO enables its’ users to interact with a wide range of specialist tools, calculators, product research services, data-feed suppliers as well as Providers and Platforms.

We also make a distinction between PARTNERSHIPS and INTEGRATIONS. Partnerships are relationships where Time4Advice takes active responsibility for the User Experience as well as the technical aspects and data flows. INTEGRATIONS are “arms-length relationships where Time4Advice simply provides technical support to enable the third-parties to access and use our API.

Unlike some of our competitors, Time4advice does not allow platforms, third-parties or product providers to ‘buy’ access to the CURO user community, e.g. by funding development and engineering integrations in such a way as to give them a competitive advantage. Time4Advice is, and will remain, agnostic as regards the way in which it handles third-party integrations; What we will do for one Provider or Platform will do for all. There are no hidden agendas!

Our Partners page provides a selection of tools, systems and providers that CURO integrates with.