Product development

CURO leverages Microsoft’s own roadmap for its foundation of digital transformation capability; systems interoperability and configurable features such as workflow. In addition Time4Advice ensures that CURO is enhanced on an on-going basis to meet the needs of our clients.

Like any software business, there is a finite amount of development capacity available to develop new, and to evolve existing features but priority is always given to the maintenance of existing features and especially those that relate to regulatory compliance as well as compliance with legal requirements such as GDPR. The CURO Product Manager works collaboratively with our clients and our User Groups to develop all areas of CURO ensuring we involve appropriately qualified and interested people. Together we democratically drive developments to ensure CURO remains compatible with regulatory and other needs and that our clients have input into that process.

Time4advice operates a monthly development and release cycle and all updates are provided to all clients at no charge. Clients with custom hosting arrangements will receive the monthly updates but may choose to apply major releases less frequently, i.e. recognising the time-costs associated with updating the service.