intro-character-the options available for you to differentiate your firm from the competition changed forever on 31 December 2012. Now it’s all about service delivery and client engagement.

CURO is designed to give its human colleagues time to do those very things, by automating all the boring tasks.

It never forgets deadlines or makes spelling mistakes. It always files documents accurately so that you can be certain to meet your compliance obligations. And it doesn’t take tea breaks or go on holiday.

Unlike conventional systems, CURO has infinite adaptability built in, working the way you do, rather than forcing you to fit in with the software.

In other words, it lets you be totally human. Which is when you do your best work.

Discover key benefits of CURO below…

One system, one truth, in one place

Instead of multiple systems, each containing client data, doing its job in isolation, CURO holds all your data, and does all the work, in one place.

Data inconsistency between systems therefore becomes impossible. Your back office is always in sync with your marketing platform, surveys, and feedback, as well as Outlook and emails, because they’re all part of the same system.

CURO allows you to engage with your data as never before, helping you deliver on your promises and stay on the right side of the regulator because you always have to have crystal clear and 100% consistent information.

One truth in one place is the founding principle upon which CURO was created, providing the secure foundation you need to build stronger, more rewarding, relationships with clients.

Instant access, infinite possibilities

With all of your data in one place, you can easily find anything you need because all of your information is just a couple of clicks away.

And when CURO is configured to your specific needs, you don’t even need to go and look for it. Its powerful reporting tools deliver the information you want, whenever you want it, completely automatically.

Built on the bedrock of Microsoft Dynamics, CURO employs the same high-end systems that the planet’s largest corporations use to run their businesses.

With such powerful technology available to you, the possibilities for automating mundane and routine tasks are effectively unlimited. If you can think of it, with a little help from us, you can probably do it.

Navigate the regulatory minefield

The regulators are always looking to find fault and, in many firms’ experience, they usually do. But that’s not necessarily due to any wrong-doing or incompetence.

The problem is, with client information housed across multiple systems and machines, it’s hard for firms to easily demonstrate to investigators that they have full and secure control of their data.

By bringing everything together into CURO, this risk is eliminated. What’s more, because CURO is actually designed around the compliance process, you don’t need to worry about a snap inspection. You’re always ready for them.

Just another way that CURO takes care of tasks which, although they’re vital, do not add anything to client satisfaction or the development of your business.

Cloud based for access to your data anytime, anywhere.

CURO is cloud based and hosted by Rackspace, the world’s premier managed cloud company.

With full business continuity and disaster recovery as well as data back-up included as part of the CURO licence.

You can sleep easy knowing that your client data is absolutely secure.

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Totally familiar, working directly inside Outlook.

CURO is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office letting you achieve maximum business efficiency.

All emails, letters, appointments and tasks are automatically tracked against your clients’ records.

You will achieve a 360° view of everything that is relevant to the delivery of your service propositions and obligations.

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Built on Dynamics CRM, the best pedigree there is.

CURO built on the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform with millions of users worldwide and an R&D spend of over $2 billion annually.

At last, financial advice businesses can take advantage of enterprise-grade technology at an affordable price.

Thanks to Microsoft’s ongoing investment, CURO is future-proof: the last business management system you will ever need to buy.

Already fully configured for financial advice firms.

CURO is configured for financial advice businesses and is ready to use out of the box.

It includes standardised product and provider databases, daily fund and equity price feeds from Financial Express or Morningstar and e-services covering valuations and remunerations from many of the major product providers and platform service providers.

The familiar Outlook interface provides access to comprehensive “Know Your Client” information including all advice given, client holdings and fund data.

Integrated documents to help your team work together.

Documents are stored via SharePoint integration, which is delivered as part of Microsoft Office 365 (E3).

This means all of your data and documents are connected, delivering instant access to your most valuable information. And because it is all in the Cloud, you can access it wherever you are and from whatever device you are using.

Customisable to fit with the way you like to work.

Because CURO is built on Microsoft Dynamics, you can adapt it to precisely match your needs.

As a multi-layered application, it gives you complete control over the creation of dashboards, communication templates, reports and business processes.

You aren’t forced to work the way the system works. Instead, you can build in processes that will differentiate your firm from pack.

Collaborates beautifully with the industry’s top specialists.

No business can be expert at everything and for this reason, Time4Advice concentrates all its attention on CURO.

We do not build lifetime cash flow modelling or fund analytics tools, research platforms, quote engines, or client portals.

Instead, our strategy is to partner with specialist providers to deliver the expertise you need to run your business.

Add-ons available that can transform your business.

As well as our industry partners, we also integrate other third party solution providers that further enhance the power of CURO.

Integrations with global platforms such as Click Dimensions that will give you a comprehensive digital marketing capability.

And solutions from DocuSign, XperiDo and ZAP BI offer the potential to transform the way you produce documents, personalised reports and gain access to incredible management information all from within CURO.

Unlimited capability lets CURO grow with you.

CURO is suitable for every style of firm because it’s built on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, the platform that defines the concept of scalability.

It can effortlessly handle from just a few users to many thousands concurrently and deal with millions of data items and records.

Regardless of whether you are a small boutique financial advice firm, or one of the largest financial distribution businesses around, CURO will work for you.

Process automation that delivers exceptional business efficiency.

Microsoft Workflow gives you control over the creation of processes that automate your routine tasks.

The system will ensure that you deliver the right service to the right clients, at exactly the right time, with consistency that you can currently only dream of.

Our consultants can help you gain complete control over CURO to maximise business efficiency, year in, year out.

Creates exactly the custom reports your business needs.

CURO is fully configurable meaning that you can build, or have built for you, exactly the reports you want in your system and have them branded as your own.

Using powerful report wizards, aggregating data from across CURO, custom reports can be developed for your clients, for the management of your business, and for the regulator. Imagine business critical reports arriving in your inbox every Monday morning automatically. This and much more is possible with CURO.

Deploying add-ons such as XperiDo and DocuSign will deliver you more control than you ever imagined you could have around document creation.

Custom dashboards that will bring your data to life.

Fully editable by the end user, CURO’s dashboards render data in a visually engaging way.

You are able to present exactly the information that is needed, whatever the context.

Dashboards can highlight who you need to contact and allow you to connect with them either by mail merge or by email, at the click of a button.

Powerful search tools to make the most of your data.

Client data is your most most valuable asset yet legacy systems often help to degrade it and, ultimately, make it worthless.

This is because they make your data hard to access and awkward to interact with.

CURO offers a variety of data views and reports and advanced search tools that allow you to engage with your data and keep it current as never before.

Full support for electronic valuations and remunerations.

CURO has been designed for e-services, consuming data from third-party providers via the T4A messaging hub, Symmetry.

It supports both electronic remunerations and valuations from ever more product providers, platforms and funds.

Bulk upload tools also allow files to download from providers and platform websites that are not EDI enabled.

Brilliant communication and marketing is built in.

Great service means outstanding interactions with the right people at the right time.

With Click Dimensions integrated into CURO, you get brilliant communications and sales campaigns from directly inside the system.

Including email marketing, nurture programmes and event management plus SMS alerts, email open stats, web forms and surveys: all at your fingertips.

At the centre of your business, organising everything.

Over time, CURO will become the very backbone of your business, bringing order and predictability to your interactions with clients and commercial partners.

It’s tempting to compensate for tech failings with a proliferation of spreadsheets and multiple database platforms but this road leads to chaos and loss of control.

With CURO, everything is consolidated in one place giving a single view of your business and allowing you to focus on what matters – your client relationships.