Neil Moles, CEO of The Progeny Group, Talks About Digital Transformation

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We’re interviewing industry figures to see what they understand by digital transformation and how they see it impacting financial advice and wealth management businesses.

Our guests will include industry pundits and practitioners. All will have their own views and we hope that you will find them interesting and informative.

As a provider of technology solutions to financial advisers, we have no doubt about the value digital transformation can deliver a business, not only in increased profits but also in long-term sustainability.

Too few people have access to professional advice. Disconnected systems and multiple manual workarounds make the current advice model overly expensive. These issues divert time away from client relationship management onto mundane tasks, like review report writing, that clients simply don’t value.

At Time4Advice we want to change all of that. We are already hearing from clients that are well on their way to digitally transforming their businesses. One of our clients recently announced that his firm is servicing 2,500 clients per adviser. That’s ten times the average.

It is important to remember that digital transformation is a journey. This means that all firms will be at different stages of that journey. Some will be well advanced, others just starting. There is no doubt that it is challenging, but we believe that firms need to think big, start small but just start!

Digital transformation means different things to different firms. So, we asked Neil Moles, CEO of The Progeny Group, to discuss what digitalisation means to his business.

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