Samantha Seaton, From Moneyhub, Talks About Digital Transformation, Technology, and Financial Advice

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Digital Transformation with financial planning software and wealth management software

We’re interviewing industry figures to see what they understand by digital transformation and how they see it impacting financial advice and wealth management businesses. Our guests will include industry pundits and practitioners. Our latest interview is with Samantha Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub.

Moneyhub provides open banking and open finance solutions that enhance the lifetime financial wellness of people, their communities, and their businesses. In this interview Samantha talks about digital transformation and its role in helping advice firms create genuine consumer-centric businesses. She also talks about the importance of data and how firms can use it to elevate themselves into a position where they can better service their clients.

Please note, this video was shot in December 2020, before the COVID-19 lockdown. During filming, social distancing guidelines were followed at all times.
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