Natasha McKenzie, MD, Talisman Hub, Talks About Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation in financial planning and wealth management

We are conducting a series of interviews with industry figures to see what they understand by digital transformation and how they see it impacting financial advice and wealth management businesses. As a provider of technology solutions to financial advisers, we have no doubt about the value digital transformation can deliver a business, not only in increased profits but also in long-term sustainability.

It is important to remember that digital transformation is a journey, and all firms will be at different stages of that journey, some well advanced, others just starting. There is no doubt that it is challenging but we believe that firms need to think big, start small, but just start.

Our latest interview is with Natasha McKenzie, Managing Director of Talisman Hub, a brand communication and marketing agency. Natasha has extensive experience working with business leaders to help them define their strategy, maximise the value of data, and set their businesses on the path to digital maturity.

Please note, this interview was conducted following all social distancing guidelines.
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