Low-Code Trend Report 2022 - Building a learning culture on a low-code platform

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Low Code Trend Report low code platform - Power Platform

Low-code or no-code platforms such as Microsoft Power Platform are transforming app and software development by drawing in new users with a low barrier to entry and shallow learning curve. Featuring capabilities like prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and quick deployment, Microsoft Power Platform helps users of all specialties (IT teams, business analysts, citizen developers, and more) feel inspired, excited, and innovative as they learn.

These feelings of satisfaction only increase as users further embrace these platforms and discover new possibilities. Their user-friendly model means a rewarding upskilling experience, one that instills confidence—even those not from a traditional software background—to see the value of their work contributing to team success. Of those surveyed in a recent Microsoft study, 82 percent of low- or no-code users agree that the technology helps provide an opportunity for software users to improve their development knowledge and technical skills. In addition, the use of no-code or low-code platforms or apps is shown to have led to an 83 percent positive impact on work satisfaction and workload by users, and an 80 percent positive impact on morale by users.

Low-Code Trend Report 2022: Building a learning culture on a low-code platform

The full report and more information on building a learning culture on a low-code platform is available on Microsoft's website. Click here to read >>



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