Save more time with Provider Transaction feeds

CURO now has an additional time-saving feature — Provider Transaction feeds. It's an automated e-service that saves our users having to manually enter routine changes to their clients' investments and pension funds.  The feed updates the following as a daily background process:

  • At a Portfolio level — Asset purchases and sales.
  • At a Plan level — Adviser charge deductions, client contributions, and client withdrawals.

The CURO Transaction history bulk data feed has initially been enabled for Aviva and Margetts Fund Management. The Nucleus Financial wrap platform will be enabled shortly, and more providers will be added according to the priorities expressed by our users.  We are continually working on bringing further enhancements to our e-services capability, and Account Opening is one of the next technologies in the pipeline.

Advisers are increasingly moving towards e-service integrations to reduce time wastage, freeing them up to spend more time adding value to the relationships with their clients.  For their customers, the increase in accuracy and removal of cost helps to build trust and quality.  For IFAs, systematic capture of their fee deductions will enable new CURO reporting templates that will automatically demonstrate MiFID II compliance.  With all these advantages, advisers are now actively using e-business strategies when selecting their shortlists of new providers.

Do you spend too much time inputting fund transaction data? Let us know which providers you would like to see prioritised for the CURO transaction history feed. Contact Us to request a demo and find out how we can help transform your business.

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