Time4Advice launches a free data improvement service for advice firms

Time4Advice today announced that it has launched a new data improvement service for advice firms. Free to all existing clients, the service analyses the completeness of data across an advice firm’s entire business. Following the analysis, a ‘heat map’ is produced that highlights where improvements to data are required.

The ability to find, and then nurture, strong personal relationships with clients lie at the heart of every financial advice business. However, as business models evolve and become increasingly more digitalised, the quality of data, and a firm’s ability to extract powerful insights from it, will not only become critical to remaining competitive, it will become necessary for survival.

Over recent years significant strides have been made in terms of using technology to streamline business processes. This trend will rapidly accelerate as we start to see the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation technologies. However, all these developments fundamentally rely on firms having a sound approach to data capture and data maintenance.

Roland Rawicz-Szczerbo, Director, Time4Advice, commented: “We’re on a mission to help improve the financial advice industry for the good of the industry, advisers and ultimately their customers. The need for firms to digitally transform means that data is rapidly becoming a firm’s most valuable asset. However, historically data quality within advice firms has been substandard.”

“Therefore, we’ve launched this new service to help our clients identify where improvements to data quality are required. We’re offering this free to existing clients and over time we plan to make a range of data services available to non-Time4Advice clients.”

About Time4Advice

We’re out to disrupt financial planning and wealth management technology.

For far too long technology providers have failed to deliver the panacea of benefits promised. They’ve talked about providing a joined-up experience across advice, client management, back-office and admin. Yet most advisory firms are still forced to operate within the constraints of using multiple silo systems, with data held in various places.

We’re on the side of the advisors. This means we’re changing the game. It’s why we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create CURO; it’s an adviser technology ecosystem that spans your entire business. It unifies all your data, processes and business applications, and natively integrates with your everyday Office365 apps including, Excel, Word and Outlook.

The result is a digital transformation platform that delivers frictionless omni-channel client experiences, the ability to serve more clients, centralised data, reduced risk and significant business efficiencies.

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