CURO Client Portal

For some advice firms, digital transformation has become more than a way of remaining competitive, it has become necessary for survival. However, digitalisation is not simply taking what you currently do on paper and in spreadsheets and ‘computerising’ it. Ultimately, it is about giving your clients personalised, meaningful, and rewarding experiences whenever they choose.

Digital transformation is also about looking to the future. The financial advice landscape is changing rapidly. New low-cost advice providers are increasing the pressure to reduce advice fees. Furthermore, there is a new generation of wealth accumulators and investors whose expectations on how to access products and services is quite different from the way most advice firms currently engage clients. Whatever the future holds one thing can be certain, data will increasingly become a firm’s most valuable asset.

Introducing CURO Client Portal

Client Portal as an extension to CURO, our Microsoft Dynamics based financial advice and wealth management system. This means it is not simply a ‘bolt-on’ application, in which data and information can be out of sync with what advisers and their clients see. It is an integral part of the tool set available to an adviser in which all data and client engagements are unified into a single view. 

Being integral to CURO also means Client Portal benefits from Microsoft’s annual R&D spend on Dynamics of around £2bn. As a result, Client Portal will continue to evolve and develop with new features and improved functionality being added regularly. 

The Microsoft factor is also important when it comes to your client’s security. Client portal is hosted on Microsoft’s world-class security and hosting platform, Azure.