CURO Portfolio Manager - Part 1

Financial advice firms that offer advised model portfolios often complain that the management of these portfolios is time consuming and challenging. The main reason for this is that most back-office systems in common use have not been designed to support this service. As a result, firms are forced to manage model portfolios outside of their back-office systems, often through multiple Excel spreadsheets. Resulting in time consuming and costly manual processing which is prone to human error and risk.

Automation through CURO (single plan and bulk re-balancing)

CURO automates the entire process of identifying which portfolios are out of balance, which holdings need to be sold or acquired and in what proportion. A recommendation record is stored, and a re-balance suitability report is generated and delivered to the client via DocuSign for electronic signing.

This video is Part 1 of two short videos and looks at rebalancing a model portfolio for a single plan. It walks you through the entire process end to end and concludes with a production of a fully branded recommendation letter.

In Part 2 of this video series we illustrate how CURO performs bulk re-balancing across multiple portfolios and the production of the required documentation for each portfolio. The documentation can then be routed directly to the clients via DocuSign for their approval.