Douglas Orr, CEO, MessageMatrix, Talks About Instant Messaging

I was recently amazed to discover the widespread adoption of WhatsApp in the UK, where the popular chat app boasts over 30 million users as a staple in daily life.

I also learned that investment banks in the US such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Citibank, and Credit Suisse have been fined substantial amounts for permitting their employees to use WhatsApp in their client dealings, resulting in costly penalties.

This sparked my interest in the potential of WhatsApp in the context of UK financial advice and wealth management, and how advice firms can utilise its convenience while mitigating the risks it poses. To discuss the opportunities, and the risks, I was delighted to speak with Douglas Orr, CEO of MessageMatrix, a secure messaging platform that integrates with WhatsApp and SMS, allowing staff to communicate with clients in a compliant manner.