Unified client management and business processing

If your business is multi-disciplined, for example, offering Legal and Accountancy services alongside your financial planning and/or wealth management propositions then you are probably familiar with the issues created by using different systems in the different parts of your business. Information about clients that use more than one of your services are held in different places which makes creating a single view of your relationship with those clients a time consuming exercise. It also risks making the client experience appear somewhat disjointed and, of course, it creates a significant overhead in terms of time spent and costs incurred.

CURO is a fully online, web-delivered application that can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world. And, because it is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform it can be used to support any line of business. We have, tailored it to meet the needs of Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers but it can, very easily – be extended to operate right across your business. In fact, we already have a number of our larger CURO user clients using it in just this way. Not only has it delivered significant cost savings it has also materially improved their consumer experience.

Time4Advice has a strategic relationship with Microsoft. We are one of just a handful of partners they have chosen to work with, globally, in order to expand their strategic footprint in financial and associated services, specifically UK financial advice and wealth management. It’s why they have agreed to co-fund the development of CURO deployment on Microsoft’s Power Platform including the Dynamics CRM solution and Office 365. This means that CURO is natively integrated with the full Microsoft application suite including WORD, Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, a configured instance of the Microsoft Power BI tool. In due course, it will also enable cross platform automation and predictive analysis via artificial intelligence.

Whilst CURO consolidates data right across the Microsoft application suite we recognise that CURO needs to interact with the rest of your IT estate as well as with external partners and third-parties such as, data suppliers. Therefore, CURO includes a messaging infrastructure through which data integrations (real-time, scheduled, ad-hoc and bulk) are built . This messaging hub allows centrally controlled and maintained management of the multiple data formats and the multiple request/retrieval and trust methods used by Platforms, Providers and other systems.