Business intelligence support

CURO provides a “single source of truth” ensuring that all data relating to your clients and your business activities are stored in one place, i.e. the CURO database. This not only eliminates the need to re-key data it also provides the ideal capability to produce management reports and, more significantly, Business Intelligence, i.e. deriving understanding from the data captured within your CURO database.

This is achieved by enabling the Microsoft Power BI tool with completely unfettered access to the CURO database, i.e. every piece of data entered into, or generated within, CURO is available to be accessed by the Power BI tool giving you and your business an incredible capability to not only automate the production of management reports but un-rivalled capability to derive really powerful insights around client behaviours and how they might best be served.

As such The Time4Advice Consultancy Team offer a Business Intelligence Support service that will help and support CURO Users through the activities involved. Not only will this ensure that the processes created do not create any internal conflicts within your particular instance of CURO but, it will also mean that the work can be completed much more efficiently and effectively saving you time and money.

Business Intelligence Support is offered at the standard Time4Advice Consultancy Day Rate of £950 (excl. VAT).