CURO implementation

Time4Advice provides a full implementation service allowing you to have whatever level of involvement you feel most comfortable with.

Of course, the best way to ensure the success of any technology implementation is to create a credible delivery plan that is properly resourced, well managed and well governed. That’s why Time4Advice places significant effort into implementation planning and managing the deployment process. Specifically, Time4Advice aims to partner with its’ clients rather than to simply provide them with a software system. As such the approach is one of complete openness, candour and rigour from the very early stages of engagement. To further ensure success, and that projects move swiftly from Planning into Implementation, deliveries will be performed in logical phases allowing firms to manage the change curve more effectively, i.e. by introducing first a viable replacement for their current technology before embracing greater levels of automation and integration in later phases. This often has the added advantage of generating greater benefits as it allows those who are using CURO day-to-day to contribute more fully and, hence, feel greater ownership.

Overall, we seek to ensure that there are no surprises during implementation, and we endeavour to build solid business relationships that stand the test of time. Specifically, we will always ensure that there is a robust and effective governance model in place with strong escalation mechanisms to identify any deviations from the agreed plan and to secure mutual agreement on any corrective actions that might be required.