Data migration

Time4Advice has a dedicated Data Services Team who have built a robust set of migration processes for importing data from all of the major Back Office systems including Adviser Office (IRESS) and Intelliflo. This highly experienced team will support your business through a clearly defined series of steps to achieve a successful migration.

However, we appreciate that there are invariably some aspects of specific client deployments that will probably make each migration project unique in some respect. This means we always start by conducting a detailed data analysis and planning exercise, i.e. looking at the quality of the existing data, the data sources and the options for migration. Once this has been understood a data migration plan will be created and agreed with the appropriate people in your business. Typically, the plan will involve:

  • An initial early migration of the data into a “UAT” instance of CURO to facilitate early visibility of the data and user training
  • A full migration report after each test migration detailing the per-entity and field logic used and data quality issues encountered
  • Surfacing the key mapping decisions to allow discussion and refinement
  • A shared snagging list and regular meetings to resolve issues
  • A detailed Go-Live plan for moving clients from the source system to CURO ensuring that the work is performed out of office hours thereby minimising the impact on BAU
  • A warranty period giving your business direct access to the Data Services Team after Go-Live, to quickly resolve any problems encountered

Having migrated data from other similar sources numerous times before Time4Advice has the tools required to execute the data migration process, however, some assistance (systems specific knowledge) will be required from your staff, e.g. providing data field definitions and usages. The effort required to complete the data migration process will be verified as part of the planning exercise but typical workloads, depending on size and complexity, range from 5 to 30 days, for a single source system. And, of course, the Data Services Team remains available after Go-Live for work on further migrations (e.g. acquisitions), data improvement work and the enhancement of BI/Reporting on client data.