CURO Integrations - DocuSign

One of the many challenges we see firms grapple with is getting clients to sign documents in a reasonable timescale. The stories we hear about firms spending their valuable resources chasing clients, often spanning many weeks before the documents are returned, are numerous. We suffered exactly the same issue at Time4Advice in the early years, until we implemented DocuSign as part of our workflow.

Integrating DocuSign with CURO is a revelation. Whereas before documents used to take weeks to be returned, they now come back in minutes. This is because the entire process no longer depends of people printing off documents, signing them and then sending them back by post. Instead they are delivered to the their mobile device. They read, click a button and it's done.

The time we and our CURO clients have saved as a result of this simple integration is staggering.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you need any more information about this or any of our other integrations, please do get in touch.